Reminiscing The Day: The Garden

After we already found our church, we started looking for the place to hold the reception of our most special day.

We commuted to Batangas and to Tagaytay for the Nth time looking for the BEST and reasonably priced venue. We were very careful in choosing. The place need not necessarily be grand. We were looking for a private and spacious (for the Big Family, particularly mine – number wise) garden and, preferably, overlooking Taal Lake. We searched the net and magazines. We found and visited prospective locations but were often times disappointed for several reasons.

We looked some more.

One time, I happened to read a tourist’s blog that featured the place called Inn at Cliffhouse – Clearwater Resthouse & Garden (I@CH/CWG). It really caught my attention. I presented what I found to soon-to-be-hubby then and we decided to take a look at it. Another trip to Tagaytay was then scheduled. Deep inside, we were really hoping that it wouldn’t be like the other places we previously visited – more appealing on the net than they were during actual inspection.

When the scheduled day of our ocular visit to I@CH/CWG arrived, we were truly impressed by what we saw and by how we were accommodated by the person-in-charge.

*The area where The Inn is located gives you a sense of peacefulness and relaxation even though there were many tourists present that time (there are several restaurants there). The garden was blocks away from the inn.*

When we entered the garden, we were wowed. It was indeed spacious, private and overlooking  Taal Lake- plus beautiful. The price was worth it too.


(the picture shows only part of the garden *courtesyofInn@CHfb*)

At last, we found the perfect place and we were very pleased.

We were even more pleased when the day came. ūüôā


(actual picture-shows only part of a big beautiful garden)

**The DAY maybe over, yet, hubby and I decided to visit the Inn at cliffhouse from time to time and will recommend it to others too, particularly The Garden (for preparing couples).**



Reminiscing The Day: The Coordinator

We began thinking and imagining about The Day approximately 4 years before we started preparing. Whenever the ‘prep’ part comes to mind, as an OC person, I always felt confident that I could manage it on my own (with family’s help of course). However, due to my profession, I eventually realized that I would be needing some help, particularly on-the-day. I needed a wedding planner/coordinator.

When this realization hit me, I started researching, flipping wedding magazines and began listing. The categories were: 1) efficiency based on previous weddings/reviews, 2) reasonable price, and 3) personal impression/gut feel during meet-up. It took me long to narrow down choices as there were a lot of seem great coordinators included in the list.

After days of careful consideration, I decided to meet with Ms. Anna Liza Sotto of Events Management Services one evening. Ms. Anna was on time. She was very professional. She seemed very knowledgeable about what she does. After talking to her, I felt comforted and assured that we will be safe with her. There was a tinge of fear (as I have never worked with a coordinator for anything before) but I decided to trust her. Thereafter, our email and phone interactions were constant. She was regularly checking on us and had two followup meetings with us.

The Big Day came. She and her team were there on the dot as scheduled. They made hubby and I feel special and royal. Each of us were assigned a specific coordinator and they never left our side. They were well organized and efficient as noted by everybody (even appeared ‘super strict’ to some but was understandable). They did not fail us. EMS was a gift to us.

Big thanks to you Ms. Anna and the rest of EMS team. Congratulations too for the job very well done!


*we would gladly refer this team to any couple preparing*Image

Reminiscing The Day: The Church

When we started thinking about preparing for THE DAY (years ago), a peaceful and solemn celebration was what we had in mind.¬†For this reason, the top priority on our list of suppliers was the church. We wanted the holy place where we’d make a promise to each other reflect what we felt inside – peaceful and blessed.

We had repeated trips southward to visit a number of beautiful churches with the above criterion in mind. We were in awe, as always, by every church we visited. However, when we decided to inquire at St. Benedict Church (at Ayala West Grove Heights, Silang, Cavite), we loved it at first sight.


When we entered, we were lost for words. It was simply beautiful.


We made the final decision on the spot. We found our church. How we felt blessed to be directed to this place of worship and even more blessed that we could be accommodated on the date/day we had chosen.

We had to go through a long interview and a lot of pre-wedding preparations as required. No matter how time and energy-consuming the whole process was, we enjoyed and were thankful as we matured more spiritually and in every aspect as a couple. The church’s parish priest, the officers-in-charge and the inspiring couples who served as our guide and advisers during the seminar prepared us well. The SBC wedding marshal monitored and guided everything and everyone accordingly when The Day came.

Thank you to everybody at the SBC office.  Thank you dear St. Benedict.


It was never a question as to WHO will preside THE ceremony. We only had one person in mind. It’s Rev. Father Jose.

Father Boyet, as we call him, is a special part of the family- both of hubby’s and mine. When we asked him, he did not think twice as well. He was happy and excited too. We are truly blessed with him. We will always be mindful of his presence in our life and will forever be grateful.

Salamat gid Father JT.


Reminiscing The Day: Unconditional Friends

childhoodchummies * teatrodyaAti * sistersincrime * dchs99 * upPHips * cheekies * mdfriends * TRfriends

Thank you dearest friends (as above) for the gift of your presence during our most special day.

Regardless of time and distance, truest friends came and we were deeply touched.

We did not expect but we did hope you would come and you did. For hubby and I, material presents don’t matter as much as your presence (thou we are as grateful). Since that day, we have never been given another opportunity to extend our gratefulness to each of you again and we felt we have never thanked you enough. We hope you know you made us truly happy!

A heartfelt SALAMAT GID! to all of you (sa next event liwan ha).


Reminiscing The Day: Second Parents

Most of our primary sponsors were also our baptismal godparents. They have functioned as our second parents since we were little.

In our tradition (particulary our family’s), it is expected for us to make these special people as the wedding sponsors too. However, due to distance and the presumed expenses of a destination wedding, we did not expect these loving folks to accept and comply with our invitation. But, they did – to our surprise and amazement. “Duro duro gid nga salamat. Napasadya nyo gid kami.”

To our additional (new) godparents, for joining us in celebrating the beginning of our life as husband and wife and for being very important part of it,¬†we say, “salamat po ng madami.”

Ninangs, ninongs, you all made our days extra meaningful. We will look up to you always with respect and love.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

*I remember also those ninangs and ninongs of mine¬†who were already gone (to heaven). I know they would not want to miss my special day if they’re still here. I love you all and am always praying for you.


Reminiscing The Day: Amazing Family

We had long accepted the fact, even before we started preparing, that we could not do everything on our own.

With the family that we both have, we are greatly blessed. Since that day we told them about our enagement, and after hubby’s family had ‘pamamanhikan/pamalahe’ (filipino’s tradition – way of asking for the bride-to-be’s hands from her parents) in the province, we had loving guidance and blessing from tatay, nanay and mama, uncles and aunts as well as support (in all aspects) from my brothers, sister-in-law, hubby’s sisters, our cousins and relatives.

The day came and went extra beautifully and smoothly because they had been there for us. Words were not and will never be enough to express our gratefulness for them for that very special day and for everything. They are amazing.

We always thank God for our family. How we love them so.

Reminiscing THE DAY (the gist)

This month last year, my then-fiance (now hubby♥) and I formally and actively started the preparation towards THE Big DAY, our Wedding Day.

It tickles me pink whenever I remember those ‘prep’ days. We were so excited, determined and purpose-driven. We felt so invincible. We encountered numerous gigantous obstacles but we carried on. We relished every step of the way towards that long-awaited day.

We enjoyed the challenging task of carefully choosing THE suppliers: the Church, coordinator, photographers/videographer, caterer, preparatory venue, reception venue, couturier/tuxedo maker, invitation supplier, choir, bridal car, wedding rings giveaways/ photobooth, flowershop, multimedia supplier, tent supplier and the resources of every little accessory required (shoes,candles,etc). We underwent a lot of researching, listing, erasing then rewriting again, inquiring through emails, calls and text messaging, narrowing of choices, meeting the contact persons and eventually finalizing everything.


After these¬†tedious process, we are proud to say that we did select the best (for¬†us). There may be one or two ‘oops’ among these but were overshadowed by the many ‘wows’.

The DAY came. It was solemn, private, heartwarming and truly memorable. We will be thinking about that day again and again and still smile of happiness and thankfulness.

Time flies fast. It’s already been 9 months since that big Project of¬†ours. We have already been through a lot of UPs and DOWNs of married¬†life. Still, we are loving this life. We have been blessed with each other.

Indeed, we prayed for a drop, we have been blessed with an ocean.



p.s. I so love the ‘prep’ work. If I’ll be given the chance and time, it’ll really give me pleasure to assist a special bride&groom-to be in preparing for their day.