Reminiscing The Day: The Cuts and The Fits

We came to the period during the preparation wherein we already needed to look for the perfect person/s to design and make my gown and hubby’s suit. As a conservative person (just like myself), hubby had to remind me often that the gown should be elegant, could be sexy (a bit only!) but definitely should not be daring. I searched and he did too. We eventually found the ones we’d been looking for.

When you look at her, you would not think right away that she has already made many beautiful gowns/formal dresses to numerous clients for any occasions and that she is one of the expert gown makers/sewers of a known couturier (*I have no permission to mention the name here). Who I am talking about is Ms. Lina Zabal, my gown designer/maker.  No matter how successful she has been on her field, she has been so mum about her creations – or maybe has no one to guide her on how to promote her works. I learned about this amazing woman through a female network. I saw several photos of her pretty elegant pieces and was truly convinced she’s the one I would be entrusting my gown and my entourage’s too. Once I got hold of her contact number, I immediately texted her for inquiries and eventually went looking for her place *commuting* in a totally unfamiliar location in a nearby city (yes, I am an adventurer =). I was really expecting to meet a young person. To my surprise (and amazement), it was a beautiful, well-mannered, soft-voiced 60-year-old woman who welcomed me. She had no sample gowns to show me at her house nor did she have any photos of all her past creations but this did not bother me at all. I was even more impressed that she’s clueless that there have been folks/previous clients promoting her and her works on the net. I was very proud to tell her that and she was surprised too. We talked about what I liked and her suggestions. We had several meetings thereafter. She is very easy to talk to. A very good wedding gown maker she is and very industrious for her age too. The price ranges she offered were very reasonable (and affordable) as well.

After we already found the person in-charge of my gown, hubby and I looked for a wedding suit supplier. When it comes to anything, most especially to something he wears (or will wear), my Partner is very particular with THE quality plus ELEGANCE but with a tinge of simplicity. While searching, we found a wedblog and was directed to Ysabelle Bridal Factory. With further research, we learned that this factory has been in the business for years now. They create beautiful gown and elegant suits. We decided to stop by their place one weekend. It was not difficult to look for as you can find it along EDSA. They had been accommodating to us with all our inquiries and had been compliant with all our requests (hubby came up with a peg of the suit he wanted). We had no problem with the price too, very reasonable. They delivered on time and we were very pleased with their finished product.

Hubby loved his suit, I loved my gown too, period.  We’d gladly recommend Ms. Lina and Ysabelle to any couple preparing for their big day. :)

Hubby loved his suit, I loved my gown too, period.
We’d gladly recommend Ms. Lina and Ysabelle to any couple preparing for their big day. 🙂

Next, we searched for someone who would make our little groom’s men/bearers wear or suits. It took us quite long to find someone who would do this task for us, particularly here in Manila and Cavite. We were very lucky though that, after our relatives’ insistent inquiries,  our kababayan Nong William could entertain the family’s request and orders. We were very happy with his creations too.

The male entourage suits were their personal suits  and the rest of the family’s gowns and suits/coats too (they have been very cooperative, helpful and considerate with us – a big thank you gid!).


Great works mam lina, ysabelle & nong william, congratulations! 🙂 Thank you so much groom’s men for the “kkp” (kanya-kanyang provide) suits! 🙂

We consider Ms. Lina, Ysabelle and Nong William the fruits of our (and family’s) “Wedding Preparation” labor and we’re really grateful.

Salamat po ng madami (duro duro gid nga salamat)!




yambi yambi

basi di kauyun

o ulo gainit

pwede man gasungon

di gani labawit.

kurisung kurisung

basi nasilawan

o siguro napuling

ukun naasluman

di gani daw mahatsing.

pahuloyhuloy pahuloyhuloy

kun bukun kinabata

siguro gapakyut

basi gaparangluya

o tuyo, mata gakiriput.


siguro ginaumol

pwede man namitan

ukun nakatiraw dukul

o basi may ‘ginapunggan’.

bangirit images

siguro nabuyaw

ukun nasadyahan

o nabulong ang hidlaw

di gani naitukan.

yuhum yuhum

sigurado nakuntento

ukun nami imahinasyon

basi nakaturog kumpleto

o tuod nga malipayon.

manayanaya manayanaya

matawhay nga hitsura

pinakanami ng ekspresyon

daw wara lang problema

kanami sug-alawon.

Reminiscing The Day: The Lenses

During our preparation, for hubby and me, one of the most difficult to look for had been the Photo/Video supplier.

Because we had a long list of choices, we thought of criteria that would guide us in choosing – the photos or the videos must not be overly scripted, the photographer or the videographer must have collections of beautiful works and great reviews from previous clients, and most importantly, the service must not be exaggeratedly priced.

After identifying the pros and cons of each team on our list, we contacted the top 5 among the choices. We got replies. However, most of those responses did not really catch our attention except for one, She and Him. This is a photography supplier managed by the couple, Sheena and Richard.  They had several very nice packages to choose from and rates were reasonable too. They also had their partner videographer as indicated on their packages.

Even before I received a reply from them, I had read about them
already for several times in a female network and I got curious. I
looked for their site and read their story/biography. I was impressed with them and of their sample wedding photos (especially the candid shots). I shared this with hubby and he was pleased too. Hence, we decided to meet with them at a bridal fair.


We met our videographer and same-day-editor during the fair
too. He’s Mr. Joaquin Ambata of Joaquin Ambata Films. We were presented with his latest videos and loved them. Without further ado, we decided we already found our P/V team and did contract signing. Being a conservative couple that we are, we had a lot of requests, actually, (more of) limitations. They had been easy to talk to. We loved them even more for being very considerate.

When The Day came, they arrived at the prep venue on time (yes so on time) and started the setup/the ‘work’ immediately.



(the photos above shows she&him and joaquin ambata films at work; taken by kapamilya)

When the onsite video was shown during the reception, we were truly delighted and very satisfied with sir Joaquin’s (and his team’s) production. The family and guests loved and enjoyed watching it too.

***As part of the ‘limitations’ mentioned above, hubby and I
opted to keep the official outputs (photos/sde/video) private. We were happy and thankful that this amazing team were okay with all our requests. To give you an idea of how great our photographers and videographers were, we decided to give you just a glimpse of their wonderful work.***


believe us, they did great

Job very well done Sir Richard, Ms Sheena, and Sir Joaquin! Again, thank you very much. We are one proud She&Him and Joaquin Ambata Films couple.




Reminiscing The Day: The Resort

While looking for venues more than a year ago, I was referred by a newly-married colleague to a resort in Tagaytay. I never heard about the place until then so I started my research. What I did not know that time was that hubby was also thinking and browsing the net about this place too as promoted by his office mates.

The place I am referring to is Pina Colina.

*photo taken from the net*

*photo taken from the net*

We dropped by the place one time after an appointment in Tagaytay.


*personally taken by us*

How serene the place was. It was truly refreshing, peaceful and the most relaxing resort I had been to. It’s far from the city (one needs to enter a small road from the highway and pass through a steep path to get there). It really gives its guests privacy, hence, referred to as a ‘hideaway’. There and then we decided that it would be the place where we’d prepare during The Day and stay with the whole family after.

Before, during and after The Day, we were 101% satisfied with everything – efficient service, accommodating staff (even all our suppliers had been well accommodated), fresh cool air, clean and green environment and completely relaxing villas and log house.

*these photos, by us*

*these photos, by us*





We loved the place. We loved it more that our family adored it too.



Thank you Pina Colina and its owner/manager for the beautiful place and our memorable stay.

We will visit again!



Reminiscing The Day: The Food and Arrangement

Delicious. Simple yet Classy. Remarkable Service.

These describe our Caterer (plus reception stylist) for The Day, Quidos Gril & Cafe. We love them.

During the whole process of the preparation, they had been very easy to communicate and discuss anything with. Their shop was easy to locate too. Ms. Gina, the manager/owner, was approachable, considerate and flexible(when it comes to other requests and even with payment terms as well). We decided to acquire of their service right after food tasting day.

During The Day, we loved the food. The  guests did too.






The cake was as requested: pink (cherry blossom themed) and white, beautiful and tasty.





The arrangement was as well simply beautiful. They excellently complied with what hubby and I requested.



Quidos were so true to their promise of great food and simple elegance, even more.




Congratulations Quidos Grill and Cafe! You impressed us immensely.





*highly recommendable*