the Most Beautiful Sound

It has been around 100 days of enjoying the signs and relishing every milestone of the most beautiful gift we have been blessed with since the new year started. We are wholeheartedly grateful. How time scurry fast. As we have become more relaxed, we have become even more excited… and even much more careful.

There was this one special day two weeks ago that I will forever remember.  It was an ‘anxiety-filled’ turned ‘super special’ day. It was the day I heard the most beautiful sound ever.  I am a music lover (the not-noisy-type-of-music  lover), but the sound I heard was more beautiful than music… with the most perfect rhythm. It will be forever recorded in my mind and in my heart. It is the sound of our beautiful rainbow. ♥

Waiting is sometimes nerve wracking but at the same time very exciting. One day at a time… this I always remind us (hubby&I), especially myself. Just a little more waiting.

We don’t consider ourselves Masters of Patience for nothing. 🙂