the first, THE FIFTH

What hubby and I had to experience a year ago saddened us. It did not leave us hopeless, however. It even boosted our faith and fueled the excitement to look positively forward. We were blessed with a baby “angel”. We always pray for him/her. We believe, our “angel” also prays for us too.

Not long after that, indeed, something really BEAUTIFUL happened. We were surprised by a very special blessing – much earlier than expected. When the year started (2014), we were greeted by the happy surprise of a positive test and more than just a month ago our family welcomed our first baby blessing, our baby boy, our Fifth.


aweekold 🙂

The wonderful feelings of love and happiness brought to us by THIS GIFT grow incomparably more as days pass by. Our boy has become our ‘addiction’. Now we clearly understand how special and intense a parent’s LOVE is – words just can not describe it fully. As I write, I cannot help but glance smilingly at the person beside me – this little person, our fifth. This time last year I was still feeling the “hangover” after our loss, now our rainbow is already here,  just a hug away… and our hearts are brimming with gratefulness. (This is another proof that, truly, every beautiful thing comes in the most perfect time.)

Believing and loving more,