A Dream Goal or just A Wish? (An update on my previous post: the road taken)

In the world of Medicine (here in the Philippines in particular), the past 2-3 months can be considered the glorious/celebration season. This is because it is during these months that clerkships and internships end and graduations happen. Also, for many others, now is the  “enjoy while you can” season, the time when they prapare (apprehensively?) for the first day of classes in their chosen medical institution. The preparation period can be both exciting and frightening… well, it depends on how you “condition” yourself. I can still vividly remember the feeling…

Around two years ago, I wrote about this topic because a daughter of someone I know (among many curious ones) asked me about Medicine because she wanted to pursue it. Today, I am writing again because hours ago I learned that that someone’s daughter has just enjoyed her first day as a medical student. Although the financial aspect of this field is obviously not an issue in their family, it took years before that daughter finally enrol. I assumed they prepared well. 

How does one prepare for Medical School? As implicated in my previous post, there is no concrete formula. You (by that I mean the whole family) just have to plan and prepare really well… in every important aspect. Yes, that should be done because to be a doctor is not just a simple goal. It is a dream, a very special goal for the most deserving one. Remember, a goal without a plan or a preparation is just a wish. (You may browse and read my previous post: The road taken. https://drmrsnanay.wordpress.com/2015/03/19/the-road-taken/.)

For those with limited financial resources, what can be done to prepare well? A good news was announced weeks ago: Free tuition is being offered to 8 State Universities in the country. These are the University of Northern Philippines, Mariano Marcos State University, Cagayan State University, Bicol University, West Visayas State University, University of the Philippines Manila School of Health Sciences in Leyte, Mindanao State University and University of the Philippines-Manila. 

Of course, this privilege does not come easy. An aspiring medical student need to pass the admission requirements of the program and the specific state university. This will include NMAT score (like in UP, it is a common knowledge during our time that they’re strict -and specific?- with the NMAT score requirement. The WVSU is similarly strict too) among many requirements. This is quite an assistance for every doctor-to-be. However, fees beyond the tuition is not included in the program. (Again, estimates were stated in the previous related blog.) This should be put into consideratoon too.

Again, to be a Doctor is not just an ambition – it is a calling. The one who is the most deserving will become one. 🙂

Decide well. Prepare more. Do your best. Pray for guidance too. 🙂


Below are updates on tuition fees (as of SY 2015): *taken from myfinancemd.com

From Kim (2nd Year Medical Student): University of East Ramon Magsaysay: Tuition fee is not 85K++ but Php 125,000-135,000.
From Thomas: University of Santo Thomas
UST Tuition

123k/semester for 1st year

121k/semester for 2nd year

120k/semester for 3rd year

200k/school year for 4th year
From Kathleen: Cebu Doctor’s University, it’s around 60,000-70,000.
From Noel: Angeles University MacArthur Highway, Angeles City, Tuition fee is around Php 90,000++
From Erick James: Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
1st year – 3rd year: 75,000++
4th year: 140,000++
 From Miel: Ateneo School of Medicine: 127,000-132,000 ++
From Beth: Davao Medical School Foundation: 97,000++
From Jasmine: Cebu Institute of Medicine: 100,000++




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