Reminiscing The Day: The D.I.Y.s and the L.O.s (Do-It-Yourself & Loving-Offers)

The Painting

Our family has been blessed with talented members –not only very good singers, but amazing artists too (in variety of aspects), and I have always been proud of that. One example is a masterpiece offered by my super talented niece, Camille Lim Pelingon, a.k.a. Chinchin – a painting of hubby and me. I just hoped everybody had a chance to take a glimpse of it in the reception venue. Maraming salamat sa napakaganda mong painting chinchin – este camille. We owe you one chin!


The Missalette

When my newly wed cousin-in-law called me weeks before the wedding, I expected her to ask about my preparations and would wish me luck. I was right. She did those… and more. To my surprise, she volunteered to make our wedding missallettes. Being a self-reliant person that I am, and shy (yes, I am), I tried to refuse at first but with her insistence (super! and I loved her for that) I agreed. The misallettes were very simple (like us) with a tinge of ‘chick’ness (like her hehe) and was much more (in number) than expected.


Thank you so much cousin emma (Wilson-Sumugat)!

The Transportation Services

We are lucky to have belonged to families (both sides) and closest friends with inherent kindness and generosity which helped us a lot during the day. Without hesitation, my brother(Jor), our principal sponsors (which were also my baptismal godparents)-ninong William and ninang Bing, uncles, aunts, cousins and closest relatives had been of loving help to us by offering and allowing our family members to take a ride on their private/personal vehicles during the day. How blessed we are too.

Thank you also to our friends who were very resourceful to avail of a ‘service’/who accommodated each other  in their respective vehicles just to be with us on our special day inspite of our long distance venues.


We are wholeheartedly grateful for every family member and dearest friends from the province who attended our wedding day. They lovingly volunteered to pay travel expenses to spare us from further burden. Those were more than wedding gifts to us, YOU are our blessings.

Many More…

There had been a lot of D.I.Y.s and L.O.s throughout the whole preparation and the wedding day itself but I could not mention all. We’re just immensely grateful for every one who had helped us in one way or another. Salamat, Salamat, Salamat!

For all these, our endless thankfulness to you all!



Reminiscing The Day: The Invite, Flowers and the Ride

The Invite

What we wanted was a simple elegant celebration. We wanted every little detail of our wedding reflect this (simple elegance). Hence, when we started looking for invitation supplier, that criteria was always in mind. We could not find any supplier that we thought could give us what we wanted other than QP Designs located at Park Square, Makati (the shop was recently relocated).

It was very easy for us to seal the deal with them because months up to a year before the wedding we were already stopping by their shop to inquire and check their samples, repeatedly. We already even had the final peg of the wedding invite we desired even before the day we officially transacted with them – that made the whole process easier.

Indeed, when the finished products were released, we were more than satisfied. Hubby and I were smiling ear to ear – and got even more excited.


Great work QP!

The Flowers

When it came to choosing the Florists, it was never a difficult task for us. That’s because we already had decided we did not need much church decorations and simple (not overly decorated) bouquets and corsages were all we wanted.

The supplier I discovered was already years in the business. During that day I visited them, they had just opened their branch near our place. Their shop’s name was Flowers For You (FFY). The persons-in-charge were very accommodating and friendly. This caused me to feel at ease with them. Their package rates were reasonable too. We did not encounter any difficulties transacting with them, hence, it was an easy deal to seal for me.

When the day came, we were pleased. The church decorations were simple yet beautiful as instructed. My bouquet, the  little girls’ flower baskets and crowns, the entourage’s bouquets and the corsages were also simply pretty.

Aside from the fact that an unexpected  ‘conflict’ was encountered, we could say that they did great too.


flower girls’ flower basket and floral crown, groomsmen’s (and principal sponsors’ *not in the photo*) corsages, bridal secondary sponsors’ wrist corsages and bridesmaids’ bouquets, bridal bouquet

Thank you po madams at FFY.

The Bridal Ride

Beautiful reviews of beautiful vintage bridal cars. This pushed hubby and me to inquire about and eventually avail of the service of a known bridal car supplier in the Metro – the Don Robert’s Bridal Cars. They offer vintage, classy, but not pricey choices for everybody’s wedding. Aside from the very accessible location (we happened to be in the same city), we were very lucky that there was a unit (which satisfied our criteria for a bridal car) available for our day.

The car arrived much earlier than scheduled during the day. The car was already minimally but elegantly decorated. The driver was very courteous too. Hubby and I were truly pleased with the service.


We highly recommend this supplier to any groom and bride to be.


Again, thanks to you dear suppliers.


Reminiscing The Day: The Beautiful Notes

I have always been proud of the fact that most of my cousins, aunts and uncles are beautiful singers. As a very special blessing to hubby and me, these very talented family members made a big difference during our day. They made THAT day extra super special. They volunteered to be THE CHOIR at the ceremony, one cousin granted my request to sing at the reception, plus I had a surprise cute wedding singer.

At first, considering the distance from where most of my relatives were located and the expected hassles, I did not bother to even try to ask my family to help me with the “choir” thing. I searched the net and wedding magazines for prospective choirs myself and asked several people for recommendations. I already had my list but was very doubtful because of the unreasonable service rates that they offered. During that time, I had no idea that my mother and cousins were already having plans. When I was informed that my singer-cousins (with closest friends) volunteered to do the task for us, I was unsure because I would not want to cause them any trouble or hardship. Hubby and I wanted our family members to be guests during our wedding day and would not want to stress them out. However, they lovingly insisted. We were more than grateful for their offer and happily said yes. We were very excited and I’d always get teary eyed every time I call my mother and  she’d let me hear my cousins and aunts practicing – wow,  their effort was a very touching gesture of love for us.

The day came. Our very special “imported” choir and singers were the most beautiful wedding choir and singers we ever heard. Our guests said so too. That made me, with hubby, even more proud of them and very happy.

Salamat gid manoy tibs (Romel Pelingon) & company (the beautiful singers from Sibalom with my singer- aunts&cousins), to lyn (Lorelyn Tarroja Naperi) and super cute toto Prince Clarito! We thank you and love you for sharing your amazing gifts with us.


choir * singers * family



Reminiscing The Day: The Bands

Again, in looking for the perfect ring for us, simple elegance is in bold letters in our mind. Ring supplier had been one of the suppliers that we found not too easy to look for – considering the design, the material and the price. We searched the web, scanned several magazines, visited shops and joined wedding fairs. We tried several rings on until, finally, we found the pair we wanted. It was at Marry Me Bridal Jewelry Booth at the last bridal fair we went to (their shop is located at Market Market, Taguig).


We loved the rings. Very simple yet truly elegant. We need not show any photo here to tell you it’s a beautiful pair. At Marry Me,  every one has the option to customize each ring. They came with personalized engravings and with an additional wedding freebie. So, for us, choosing this supplier was all worth it.

Thank you Marry Me!



Reminiscing The Day: The Makeover

As a person who is not so into makeup, natural look had been my idea (as well as hubby’s) of a beautiful wedding makeover.  For our special day, I did not search for hair and makeup artists (HMUA) on any magazine, nor did I do ‘trials’ on wedding fairs. What I did was just searched the net hoping that I would find what we were looking for.

Whom I discovered was not found on any popular wedding supplier website. She is a freelancer. Her name is Jenny Mercado of Pearls and Ruffles. I read about her through a very simple ad on I learned also that she as well offers other wedding services like wedding coordination. I contacted her without second thoughts. Since I already had my coordinator, I inquired only about the HMUA service and stated our makeup requirements and was assured.  We exchanged correspondences through email wherein samples were shown and other details were discussed and I got more convinced that she could be the one we needed.

Finally, our meeting was scheduled and done. She’s a sophisticated woman and very nice too. I liked her a lot and was really comfortable talking to her (which I believed was a very important factor). I therefore decided right there and then that I already found THE hair and makeup artist for our very special  day.

*Our package included airbrush natural/nude makeup for the bride with retouch , grooming for the groom and traditional natural/nude makeup for the mothers and the additional entourage members. The package rate was very reasonable and even negotiable. *

When THE day came, she arrived right on time (the first supplier to arrive at the prep venue). I was very pleased with her (and her assistants’) work – as well as hubby, our mothers and some members of our entourage.

Thank you Ms. Jenny for the job very well done!

Ms Jenny @work (doing the retouch)

Ms Jenny @work (doing the retouch)

Highly  recommendable 🙂


Reminiscing The Day: The Cuts and The Fits

We came to the period during the preparation wherein we already needed to look for the perfect person/s to design and make my gown and hubby’s suit. As a conservative person (just like myself), hubby had to remind me often that the gown should be elegant, could be sexy (a bit only!) but definitely should not be daring. I searched and he did too. We eventually found the ones we’d been looking for.

When you look at her, you would not think right away that she has already made many beautiful gowns/formal dresses to numerous clients for any occasions and that she is one of the expert gown makers/sewers of a known couturier (*I have no permission to mention the name here). Who I am talking about is Ms. Lina Zabal, my gown designer/maker.  No matter how successful she has been on her field, she has been so mum about her creations – or maybe has no one to guide her on how to promote her works. I learned about this amazing woman through a female network. I saw several photos of her pretty elegant pieces and was truly convinced she’s the one I would be entrusting my gown and my entourage’s too. Once I got hold of her contact number, I immediately texted her for inquiries and eventually went looking for her place *commuting* in a totally unfamiliar location in a nearby city (yes, I am an adventurer =). I was really expecting to meet a young person. To my surprise (and amazement), it was a beautiful, well-mannered, soft-voiced 60-year-old woman who welcomed me. She had no sample gowns to show me at her house nor did she have any photos of all her past creations but this did not bother me at all. I was even more impressed that she’s clueless that there have been folks/previous clients promoting her and her works on the net. I was very proud to tell her that and she was surprised too. We talked about what I liked and her suggestions. We had several meetings thereafter. She is very easy to talk to. A very good wedding gown maker she is and very industrious for her age too. The price ranges she offered were very reasonable (and affordable) as well.

After we already found the person in-charge of my gown, hubby and I looked for a wedding suit supplier. When it comes to anything, most especially to something he wears (or will wear), my Partner is very particular with THE quality plus ELEGANCE but with a tinge of simplicity. While searching, we found a wedblog and was directed to Ysabelle Bridal Factory. With further research, we learned that this factory has been in the business for years now. They create beautiful gown and elegant suits. We decided to stop by their place one weekend. It was not difficult to look for as you can find it along EDSA. They had been accommodating to us with all our inquiries and had been compliant with all our requests (hubby came up with a peg of the suit he wanted). We had no problem with the price too, very reasonable. They delivered on time and we were very pleased with their finished product.

Hubby loved his suit, I loved my gown too, period.  We’d gladly recommend Ms. Lina and Ysabelle to any couple preparing for their big day. :)

Hubby loved his suit, I loved my gown too, period.
We’d gladly recommend Ms. Lina and Ysabelle to any couple preparing for their big day. 🙂

Next, we searched for someone who would make our little groom’s men/bearers wear or suits. It took us quite long to find someone who would do this task for us, particularly here in Manila and Cavite. We were very lucky though that, after our relatives’ insistent inquiries,  our kababayan Nong William could entertain the family’s request and orders. We were very happy with his creations too.

The male entourage suits were their personal suits  and the rest of the family’s gowns and suits/coats too (they have been very cooperative, helpful and considerate with us – a big thank you gid!).


Great works mam lina, ysabelle & nong william, congratulations! 🙂 Thank you so much groom’s men for the “kkp” (kanya-kanyang provide) suits! 🙂

We consider Ms. Lina, Ysabelle and Nong William the fruits of our (and family’s) “Wedding Preparation” labor and we’re really grateful.

Salamat po ng madami (duro duro gid nga salamat)!


Reminiscing The Day: The Lenses

During our preparation, for hubby and me, one of the most difficult to look for had been the Photo/Video supplier.

Because we had a long list of choices, we thought of criteria that would guide us in choosing – the photos or the videos must not be overly scripted, the photographer or the videographer must have collections of beautiful works and great reviews from previous clients, and most importantly, the service must not be exaggeratedly priced.

After identifying the pros and cons of each team on our list, we contacted the top 5 among the choices. We got replies. However, most of those responses did not really catch our attention except for one, She and Him. This is a photography supplier managed by the couple, Sheena and Richard.  They had several very nice packages to choose from and rates were reasonable too. They also had their partner videographer as indicated on their packages.

Even before I received a reply from them, I had read about them
already for several times in a female network and I got curious. I
looked for their site and read their story/biography. I was impressed with them and of their sample wedding photos (especially the candid shots). I shared this with hubby and he was pleased too. Hence, we decided to meet with them at a bridal fair.


We met our videographer and same-day-editor during the fair
too. He’s Mr. Joaquin Ambata of Joaquin Ambata Films. We were presented with his latest videos and loved them. Without further ado, we decided we already found our P/V team and did contract signing. Being a conservative couple that we are, we had a lot of requests, actually, (more of) limitations. They had been easy to talk to. We loved them even more for being very considerate.

When The Day came, they arrived at the prep venue on time (yes so on time) and started the setup/the ‘work’ immediately.



(the photos above shows she&him and joaquin ambata films at work; taken by kapamilya)

When the onsite video was shown during the reception, we were truly delighted and very satisfied with sir Joaquin’s (and his team’s) production. The family and guests loved and enjoyed watching it too.

***As part of the ‘limitations’ mentioned above, hubby and I
opted to keep the official outputs (photos/sde/video) private. We were happy and thankful that this amazing team were okay with all our requests. To give you an idea of how great our photographers and videographers were, we decided to give you just a glimpse of their wonderful work.***


believe us, they did great

Job very well done Sir Richard, Ms Sheena, and Sir Joaquin! Again, thank you very much. We are one proud She&Him and Joaquin Ambata Films couple.