Our Day

I woke up with a happy heart today… 

This is the day I always looked forward to celebrate years ago… Mother’s day! 

Yey! This is already my second year to celebrate this special day and, just like the first, I am filled with inexplicable happiness. I feel so invincible. I feel that nothing and nobody can make me unhappy today.  Thank you po God! 

One reason I am grateful and happy today is because, again, I am reminded of how blessed we three are because of our mother, our super nanay…
She is my epitome of unconditional love and positivity. She is the reason I do not give up amidst struggles. She is the reason I always find a reason to laugh amidst difficulties. She is the reason I aim to be the best wife and mother since I became both. She is the reason I pray to be more generous and kind to everybody, related and not. It is because she is the best! Her optimism is very contagious and she has made a lot of people happy. 🙂


“Nanay, you have planted positive seeds of love, faith, perseverance, humility and joy in our hearts. You are more than deserving to reap all the positive fruits of what you planted. Thank you for being my inspiration. You are immensely loved! Happy Mother’s day to us! ❤️ ”

Happy Mother’s day to all mothers too!👏😄😇😍


Beautiful Hint

<Written: February 2, 2014> 

Rainbow is defined as a “curved line of different colors that sometimes appears in the sky when the sun shines through rain.” (Merriam-Webster)  It is also an “ illusory hope or a symbolism of promise as well as a sign of a past storm.” (O-L D)

In my years of existence, I have had several fulfilling and relieving encounters with rainbows, big and small and in different stages and aspects of my life. Because I had been through a lot of storms, I have become a person who always looks forward to the appearance of even just a glint of a rainbow.

Time flies astonishingly fast. It has already been a year since that day hubby and I made our solemn vow to each other at St. Benedict Church. We had already been through whirlwind of unpredictable circumstances – both good and not so good. It was a “training” year for us. We even had to face a devastating typhoon (loss)our most recent ordeal as a newly married couple. We were caught off guard but were never shaken. Thanks to the blessings of Love and Faith. They fueled our strength to believe on and helped us shrug away fear.

At the beginning of this new year (2014), we had a glimpse of something amazing and beautiful on the horizon… a hint of an emerging rainbow, a blessing. We are still trying to focus well to make sure we are not just imagining it. So far, we can still see signs of it – not crystal clear, but is still there. That is enough reason for us to smile everyday amidst tests (which are never absent). We need to remind ourselves, however, to be more careful or we will lose sight of the hinting rainbow. It seems steady in place and that is a very reassuring sign for us.

We have to keep going this year – filled with wisdom from everything we learned on our first year, while keeping an eye on that beautiful blessing. We need to prepare really well while waiting for that time when we will finally able to see the beautiful rainbow in full view.

For the meantime, we will just relish hints and signs of it, one day at a time.

Hubby and I had our masters in Patience. Waiting is our adventure. In the end, it will all be worth it.

A Happy First Year to US! (“,)