How can I not rethink about things if it’s affecting the most important matter to me -family, you? 👪👶🏻💗😮

A couple of years ago, when I heard the “whistle” (of opportunity) signaling me to start, I hurriedly leaped forward excitedly and purposefully to pursue the goal I always had in mind – to finally start the overdue/pending “journey” I was supposed to start years ago. That was residency training (also called “specialty training”). I was really pretty determined to pursue it that time. I had no other plans in mind. 

However, as I trudge on, I have started to feel that the “busy-ness” and the occasional (?) craziness and chaos surrounding me (trainingwise) has started to take its toll on me. Most significantly, it has taken a lot of my “allotted” time for family and my little boy… These reasons are beginning to make me think again, tempting me to halt and turn to the opposite direction…↪️↩️ •

Yes, undeniably, I am at a certain crossroad. That is between the road that can give me more time with family (could be anywhere as long as with family) and the road that can give me the opportunity to polish my skills as a doctor, allow me to serve others more but will give me (so much) less time with family… that is while I am “on” training (and I still have a year or more to go before I finish it). Missing my family (thinking about my son-his health and safety) most of the time while on duty far from home has been making me feel more tired and sad. 

As I analyze things, I can see a glimpse of my “goal” (the pot of happiness 🙂 ) at the end of both roads and that is an assurance, but the ‘distance’ to that goal is really different in each road.  😦

My previously so tightly locked hand to the present path has started to loosen… but is still holding on, for now…

Can my grip sustain me until I see the end of this kinda long and crooked road? In the meantime, I just hold on… not too tightly but still holding on… waiting for a trigger (very good reason) to let go… or a motivation to continue on. 🛣🤔😐😯

I have been praying for guidance and enlightenment on making the best decision because, obviously, my family is my happiness… 🙂 ❤️ 


Has anyone been to a similar situation/dilemma? 🤔


Our Day

I woke up with a happy heart today… 

This is the day I always looked forward to celebrate years ago… Mother’s day! 

Yey! This is already my second year to celebrate this special day and, just like the first, I am filled with inexplicable happiness. I feel so invincible. I feel that nothing and nobody can make me unhappy today.  Thank you po God! 

One reason I am grateful and happy today is because, again, I am reminded of how blessed we three are because of our mother, our super nanay…
She is my epitome of unconditional love and positivity. She is the reason I do not give up amidst struggles. She is the reason I always find a reason to laugh amidst difficulties. She is the reason I aim to be the best wife and mother since I became both. She is the reason I pray to be more generous and kind to everybody, related and not. It is because she is the best! Her optimism is very contagious and she has made a lot of people happy. 🙂


“Nanay, you have planted positive seeds of love, faith, perseverance, humility and joy in our hearts. You are more than deserving to reap all the positive fruits of what you planted. Thank you for being my inspiration. You are immensely loved! Happy Mother’s day to us! ❤️ ”

Happy Mother’s day to all mothers too!👏😄😇😍

define happiness

(For no specific reason, I remember Lola Can, my mother’s mother. I miss her much. My brothers and I grew up with her and our dearest uncle, tito Ipog at home. She came to my mind maybe because Holy Week is approaching and our dearest Lola had always been a very vital part (person-in-charge)  of this celebration – from preparation to completion. She will never ever be forgotten. Then, I thought about writing what follows… )


kami with tito Ipok and ako with lola Can, respectively 🙂 *oldoldphotos*

— — — — — — — — — — — — — —
There are people who are born simple, with simple wishes and wants and with simple requirements for them to be happy. Others refer to these persons as “mga mababaw ang kaligayahan”. For anyone to have this personality is a gift. Because they do not aim for anything extravagant or extraordinary, these folks appreciate readily and become happy easily.



Those who experience happiness in the most ordinary things are the ones who have the tendency to achieve a lot too (this is my personal observation). Most of the “simple” persons I know are indeed successful and are truly happy. It is maybe because for someone who can appreciate every small or big thing or happening in the surroundings and is happy with everything she/he has, inspiration and motivation is not hard to find too.

There will be pressure, but it will be a constructive pressure because there are no exaggerated expectations for simple persons. They do what makes them happy. They work their hardest, exert their best effort, think positive always, pray most faithfully and hope for the best… but the only thing they never do is expect.

There will surely be tests to be encountered by that simple, “easily happytized” person, as life is not without tribulations, but she/he always finds a reason to be happy about or make light of any situation – it could be the lessons learned, the help/support obtained or whatever teeny weeny reason. That person does not complain. Giving up “just like that” is not an option.

Oh… I can write the whole day and won’t be out of words to describe a simple person. It is because I belong to a family of them. I will always be proud that I belong to a family of simple and happy individuals. For all the simple things that my family has, practices and appreciates, a simple act of kindness, friendliness, appreciation and respect from anyone are what can make us happy the most.

For the blessing of this happy (“masinadyahun”) “gene” that runs in my family, thank you po God.

Thank you Lolo Marcel and Lola Can for our big (literally, in number), happy (literally too) but simple (in a lot of ways) FAMILY.


the PELINGON family 😉 (the youngest in the group is yours truly – sitting on Lola’s lap * the younger grandchilren and great grandchildren are not yet in the picture)


the first, THE FIFTH

What hubby and I had to experience a year ago saddened us. It did not leave us hopeless, however. It even boosted our faith and fueled the excitement to look positively forward. We were blessed with a baby “angel”. We always pray for him/her. We believe, our “angel” also prays for us too.

Not long after that, indeed, something really BEAUTIFUL happened. We were surprised by a very special blessing – much earlier than expected. When the year started (2014), we were greeted by the happy surprise of a positive test and more than just a month ago our family welcomed our first baby blessing, our baby boy, our Fifth.


aweekold 🙂

The wonderful feelings of love and happiness brought to us by THIS GIFT grow incomparably more as days pass by. Our boy has become our ‘addiction’. Now we clearly understand how special and intense a parent’s LOVE is – words just can not describe it fully. As I write, I cannot help but glance smilingly at the person beside me – this little person, our fifth. This time last year I was still feeling the “hangover” after our loss, now our rainbow is already here,  just a hug away… and our hearts are brimming with gratefulness. (This is another proof that, truly, every beautiful thing comes in the most perfect time.)

Believing and loving more,


the Most Beautiful Sound

It has been around 100 days of enjoying the signs and relishing every milestone of the most beautiful gift we have been blessed with since the new year started. We are wholeheartedly grateful. How time scurry fast. As we have become more relaxed, we have become even more excited… and even much more careful.

There was this one special day two weeks ago that I will forever remember.  It was an ‘anxiety-filled’ turned ‘super special’ day. It was the day I heard the most beautiful sound ever.  I am a music lover (the not-noisy-type-of-music  lover), but the sound I heard was more beautiful than music… with the most perfect rhythm. It will be forever recorded in my mind and in my heart. It is the sound of our beautiful rainbow. ♥

Waiting is sometimes nerve wracking but at the same time very exciting. One day at a time… this I always remind us (hubby&I), especially myself. Just a little more waiting.

We don’t consider ourselves Masters of Patience for nothing. 🙂


Beautiful Hint

<Written: February 2, 2014> 

Rainbow is defined as a “curved line of different colors that sometimes appears in the sky when the sun shines through rain.” (Merriam-Webster)  It is also an “ illusory hope or a symbolism of promise as well as a sign of a past storm.” (O-L D)

In my years of existence, I have had several fulfilling and relieving encounters with rainbows, big and small and in different stages and aspects of my life. Because I had been through a lot of storms, I have become a person who always looks forward to the appearance of even just a glint of a rainbow.

Time flies astonishingly fast. It has already been a year since that day hubby and I made our solemn vow to each other at St. Benedict Church. We had already been through whirlwind of unpredictable circumstances – both good and not so good. It was a “training” year for us. We even had to face a devastating typhoon (loss)our most recent ordeal as a newly married couple. We were caught off guard but were never shaken. Thanks to the blessings of Love and Faith. They fueled our strength to believe on and helped us shrug away fear.

At the beginning of this new year (2014), we had a glimpse of something amazing and beautiful on the horizon… a hint of an emerging rainbow, a blessing. We are still trying to focus well to make sure we are not just imagining it. So far, we can still see signs of it – not crystal clear, but is still there. That is enough reason for us to smile everyday amidst tests (which are never absent). We need to remind ourselves, however, to be more careful or we will lose sight of the hinting rainbow. It seems steady in place and that is a very reassuring sign for us.

We have to keep going this year – filled with wisdom from everything we learned on our first year, while keeping an eye on that beautiful blessing. We need to prepare really well while waiting for that time when we will finally able to see the beautiful rainbow in full view.

For the meantime, we will just relish hints and signs of it, one day at a time.

Hubby and I had our masters in Patience. Waiting is our adventure. In the end, it will all be worth it.

A Happy First Year to US! (“,)


Reminiscing The Day: The Beautiful Notes

I have always been proud of the fact that most of my cousins, aunts and uncles are beautiful singers. As a very special blessing to hubby and me, these very talented family members made a big difference during our day. They made THAT day extra super special. They volunteered to be THE CHOIR at the ceremony, one cousin granted my request to sing at the reception, plus I had a surprise cute wedding singer.

At first, considering the distance from where most of my relatives were located and the expected hassles, I did not bother to even try to ask my family to help me with the “choir” thing. I searched the net and wedding magazines for prospective choirs myself and asked several people for recommendations. I already had my list but was very doubtful because of the unreasonable service rates that they offered. During that time, I had no idea that my mother and cousins were already having plans. When I was informed that my singer-cousins (with closest friends) volunteered to do the task for us, I was unsure because I would not want to cause them any trouble or hardship. Hubby and I wanted our family members to be guests during our wedding day and would not want to stress them out. However, they lovingly insisted. We were more than grateful for their offer and happily said yes. We were very excited and I’d always get teary eyed every time I call my mother and  she’d let me hear my cousins and aunts practicing – wow,  their effort was a very touching gesture of love for us.

The day came. Our very special “imported” choir and singers were the most beautiful wedding choir and singers we ever heard. Our guests said so too. That made me, with hubby, even more proud of them and very happy.

Salamat gid manoy tibs (Romel Pelingon) & company (the beautiful singers from Sibalom with my singer- aunts&cousins), to lyn (Lorelyn Tarroja Naperi) and super cute toto Prince Clarito! We thank you and love you for sharing your amazing gifts with us.


choir * singers * family