Dear Aireen Joy,

New things will spring forth for you this year. Are you ready?

 Be excited,


P.S. Aireen Joy, I’ve heard all your prayers and I’m sending the answers.


Happy New Year to all!

This is my first post of the year and I am truly excited. Thank you to my BestFriend “up there” for the message above that is really so motivating and is fueling my desire to achieve all the happy, great and positive things I aim and pray for this year. I am also sending my grateful nod to the person through whom the message above was sent and who I consider my newest “mentor”. 🙂

For this year, I intend…

To maintain what is already good, productive and positive in my life.

To change what is not so good, ineffective and nonfulfilling – all for the better.

To avoid what is destructive, depressive and negative – things or people. If unavoidable, try not to be affected in a negative way.

To save more, to save a lot… financially. By doing this, it is not the “material” things and outcome that will make me the happiest. What will give me the greatest contentment is the happiness it will give the persons I will be sharing my blessings with.

***Our (with tatay&5th) newly started 52-week-challenges* (yes, challenges – 🙂 🙂 ) will be under this intention. ***

To be brave in facing new endeavors, tasks and every bumps and curves of my journey this year.

To persevere amidst the test to give in to overwhelming circumstances and to firmly stick to the “reasons” I persevere.

To aspire for the best, to aim “sky high” because what I always believe is true: “Do your BEST, and God (My BestFriend) will help you do the rest.”

Again, a prosperous and love-filled, faith-powered 2017 everyone!

🙂 ❤