atbph ツ

Life is a beautiful journey consisting of many chapters and editions. At the moment, I am being sentimental as I think about the fact that today a very special chapter will be ending *hopefully only temporarily* — my “almost 4”-year stay (employment*) at Balibago Polyclinic and Hospital Inc. (BPH). It was supposed to be only a “reliever” (short-term) opportunity which extended and extended… until this day, my last duty day.

I can clearly remember the happenings of my first day. It was at the OPD building where I first entered (instead of the ER); I got toured around the hospital by the NOD (mam B, my tour guide) as instructed by THE ROD (doc A); I got introduced later on to THE owner, Dra. Alibudbud-Ramirez when she entered the ER. It was truly a special day as it marked the beginning of a memorable journey, a happy, lesson-filled adventure.

Being at BPH feels like being a member of a big, happy and loud (literally) family. 🙂 I gained great friends (mga maiingay, may mejo kitikiti, may mahinhin din, may mejo matatakaw, may mejo matitigas ulo, may mejo lng sensitive, may mga mejo palakwento about all aspects, as in “all” hehe at may mejo “assuming”,hehe – but ALL I appreciate and love) , I found mentors, had advisers and a counselor (momi B) – and got to advise some (like, met colleagues and got to treat and help treat patients of varying (from the mildest to the most complicated) illnesses – thanks to our very effective and helpful attendings and super efficient staff (yes, I have always been proud of you 🙂 ). I learned a lot. Also, a lot of very special personal “beginnings” and “milestones” happened while at BPH too. I too got to practice my patience and perseverance more.

Time flies fast indeed. Four years passed so swiftly that I have not actually noticed that I have been at BPH for that long. Those 4 years were “siksik liglig at umaapaw ” with happy memories. It had not actually fully sunk in yet when I started writing this, but is beginning to sink in now and I am starting to feel sad that I am actually leaving – for now.

I’d like to express my sincerest and heartfelt PASASALAMAT to DRA. and family for the opportunity, to sir Jun, to the APs and to the whole BPH family. The friendship, warmth and love that you have shared with me will always be treasured.

After my last duty today (til tomorrow), it’s time to say my “temporary” goodbye… I will definitely see you again! I love you all and will surely miss you *pwera biro*. 🙂 ♥




the truth about The Truth

Just thinking…

How I love The Truth. I am its follower. I am its avid fan. I love it for its beauty and sacredness. I love it for its simplicity and complexity at the same time. I love it because simply knowing it gives me a lot of relief. I love that it challenges and strengthens me. Though it never fails to hurt and make me cry sometimes, I love the fact that I can always count on it. It gives me security and assurance. Because of its importance to me, if not obviously present, I always seek it… no matter what.

I just can’t understand that there are those who hate The Truth. Maybe because its substitute and its archenemy, The False, is just much easier to find, or can just be easily manipulated to become believable. It can so easily imitate The Truth. Once well-crafted and available, The False can easily be shared with others too. Once The False is present, The Truth is most of the time left behind.

As The Truth’s loyalist, this saddens me.

What suddens me more is the fact that many are easily persuaded and  opt to believe The False rather than The Truth regardless of its impossibility and transparent “crookedness” and rudeness. They are wasting time, effort and, most importantly, they are wasting happy and special relationships.


*The Truth says, “she is loved. She is given. She doesn’t like what she is given.” ; The False says shortly, “she is deprived.”
*The Truth says, “he loves and cares.” ; The false shouts, “he takes advantage!”
*The truth says, “they talked about it well and agreed.” ; The False makes other believe, “that other person has no choice.” )

As for me, amidst the difficult tests that I have to go through, I always hold hands with The Truth and will never let go. This friendship with The Truth has given me a lot of peace and joy my whole life. It has never let me down.

Everybody should get to know (and must exert more effort to know) IT too.